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Lake Chabot Fish Report_June 29, 2015


Fishing for trout, catfish and bass is all starting to pick up again. With the water temperature rising, trout is moving deeper down and bass and catfishing is starting to be a little more active.  Bass fishing is starting to have a great season with more than several reports of whopper size bass getting caught.  Please remember to practice catch and release for bass. We did receive our first catfish plant on 500 lbs. on June 18th. We are expecting another catfish plant later on this week. Hopefully, this will boast Lake Chabot fishing conditions.  Water temperatures remains in the low 60’s with about a 4 feet visibility. For all anglers planning on trolling make sure to come out early morning, afternoon winds have been making it a little difficult to fish.

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Fish Plants

500 lbs. of catfish was planted into Lake Chabot on 6-18-15.


With the warmer water temperature now catfishing should starting heating up.  We received a catfishing plant of 500 lbs. on the 18th of June and we are also expecting another plant later on this week. Catfish plants have been planted over by coots landing so as of now it should be the hotspot for fishing.  Typically, the best bait to use is mackerel, anchovies and chicken liver.  Catfish will bite during the day but fishing early morning and near twilight will the best, so make sure to come early and claim your spot.


Reports of trout are still coming in on a daily basis, but only one whopper was reported caught this past week.  Trolling for trout has also been doing fairly well.  Anglers trolling deeper are having success also fishing back from Bass Cove going towards the Dam.  Anglers fishing the shoreline are using PowerBait and have been having luck also down by the dam.  Until then check out our facebook page to keep updated on current fishing conditions.


Bass fishing has started to pick up and many bass anglers are catching them each outing.  If you are fishing for bass, the early mornings and in the evenings, mostly on plastics, jigs, hula grubs and top water will be your best bet. If you do want to try your luck a couple good spots to fish for bass are; near the island or the tulles by Raccoon Point. Please practice catch and release for bass, as they are not stocked into the lake and their population depends on you!

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